Yearly Financial Statement

A yearly financial statement provides details of entire financial transactions that have been taken place throughout a financial year. Such a document should be constructed with utmost accuracy for referring it in tax assessment or investment.

Sample Yearly Financial Statement

Financial Statement for Income Tax Analysis for the Year 2010-11

Date of presenting the financial statement: 30th June 2011

Name of the organization: John & John Controls

Name of the employee: Hyenas D’souza

Objective of the financial statement: The yearly financial statement is being prepared for the annual income tax exemption as issued under the 46(a) Act of Law. All the stated aspect of this statement is declared to be true as per deponent’s knowledge and misleading or suppressed information of any relevant aspect which would lead to legal implication against the individual. Therefore, incase of misinformation the individual should immediately take an action to change the following information immediately.

Assets: [entire details of the assets possessed by the employee is being given in an attachment]

  • Two medical insurance worth $25000
  • One personal insurance worth $2000
  • Two family medical insurances worth $40000
  • One spouse medi-claim policy worth $2000

Liabilities: [entire details related to the liabilities possessed by the employee is being attached with this document]

  • House Loan worth $3000 [ A duration of 2 years left for the loan to be paid off]
  • Personal Loan worth $ 2500 [ a duration of 1 year left for the debt to be paid off completely]

This financial statement is presented with relevant documents in attachment

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