Work Statement

A work statement or a statement of work is an official document that is drafted for the purpose of defining the work activities that a vendor or a service provider has to deliver to his client. The document captures the work activities and also includes detailed information like the standard terms and conditions that the vendor needs to follow.

The statement is a bit similar to a contract and also contains other details like cost incurred for providing the service and the purpose of providing service. There are also other details mentioned like the location of work and the period of performance.

Sample Work Statement

Statement of Work

Date: 10th of May 2012

This work statement has been drafted between Bates Cleaners Limited and Gas Garments Limited

Client name: Gas Garments Limited

Name of service provider: Bates Cleaners Limited

Purpose of project: To provide cleaning services to the client

Description of work:

Bates Cleaners Limited will be providing cleaning and plumbing services to the office premise of Gas Garments Limited. They will ensure all the leaks and damages in all the washrooms of the office premise. They will have to clean the office premise to remove the dirt and dust accumulated.

Period of performance:

Bates Cleaners Limited has to assure that they will start with the work on 15th of May 2012 and finish it within next one week that is 23rd of May 2012.

Cost incurred:

The total cost incurred for the whole service provided is $10000 and this also includes the remuneration of Bates Cleaners Limited.