Work Statement Template

It is necessary that a work statement is drafted accurately with all the appropriate details mentioned or else the document may not be considered valid. In order to do that it is advisable to refer to a work statement template. A   work statement template is a document that gives out the structure of a work statement. The template includes details and points that are required to be highlighted in the work statement.

Sample Work statement template

Date: __________ [date on which the work statement is being prepared]

This work statement has been drafted between ___________ [party 1] and __________________ [party 2].

______________ [name of the client]

______________ [name of service provider]

Purpose of project: ____________ [reason for the work statement being prepared]


Description of work:

____________ [name of service provider] will be providing _____________ [type of service] to ___________________ [name of the client]. The service provider will __________ which _________________________ [mention in details about the service to be provided and the process in which it will be done]

Period of performance:

__________________ [the service provider] has to start their work from ___________________ [date of starting work] and must complete it by ________________ [proposed date of completion of work].

Place of performance:

The work needs to be done at __________________________ [mention the address at which the service provider will do the work]

Cost incurred:

The total cost incurred for the whole work is around ________________________ [total cost for the work]. Out of which ______________ [percentage amount] has to be paid in ______________ [period of payment]