Work Statement Letter

The work statement letter is written specifically for the purpose of gaining employment for a particular job position. This letter helps the candidate elaborate on the work skills that are perfectly suited for the job being applied for. Along with this, it is also essential to mention the academic and professional experience which is relevant to the work. The work statement letter is important and is attached to the resume of the candidate. It is an effective way to explain the reasons for the suitability of the job position.

Sample Work Statement Letter:


Mr. Marylyn Smiths

Executive Sales Officer,


California- 23

12th January, 2011

Subject: Statement letter for position sought as the Sales Representative

Dear Sir,

My name is Derek O’Connor and I have been associated with the sales department of RTY PUBLICATIONS LTD for the past 2 years as the Sales Representative. I have been looking for an opening in your company and would like this opportunity to state that I would like to apply for the position offered.

I have had extensive training in sales management from various professional workshops and have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I am very good with customer interactions and have always been known for staying calm during adverse situations that may occur in this field.

Your company has the perfect resources which I feel will help strengthen my sales skills and also in turn benefit the sales performance of the company. I have attached my resume with this statement.

I look forward to hear from you.


Derek O’Connor



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