Work Statement Format

A work statement format is a document that shows how the layout of a statement of work needs to be drafted.  The format gives information about the details that are required to be mentioned in the work statement. The format makes the process of drafting a work statement much simpler as it removes all kinds of confusion. The format includes details like reason for drafting the work statement, the parties involved in the work statement and the date on which it is being prepared.

Sample Work Statement Format

Work Statement


First paragraph: In the first paragraph mention the name of both the parties between whom the work statement is being drafted. If the work statement is being drafted as per any State law, also do mention that.

Name of the client:

Name of the service provider:

Second paragraph:  In this paragraph mention the reason or purpose for preparing this work statement. Mention in details the kind of service to be provided by the service provider and the process in which he will provide service.

Third paragraph: In this paragraph mention the date from which the service provider needs to start providing his service. In case there is a deadline, also do mention the end date by which the service provider has to finish off with all his services.

Fourth paragraph: There is always a certain cost involved while providing service so in this paragraph mention the total cost that needs to be incurred by the service provider. Also do mention the mention the amount of remuneration of the service provider.