Work Statement Example

A work statement is a certain portion of a contract that defines all the requirements that are not specified for the efforts of the service provider. The statement helps to establish the kind of service to be provided to the client by the service provider. There are other information mentioned in the statement which includes the total cost to be incurred while providing service and also the time period within which he needs to complete the work.

Sample Work statement example

Statement of work

Project title: Oscar Treatment Plant

Introduction/background:  Cleaners Limited is a service provider specializing in providing water treatments. Lee Corporation is the owner and operates the Oscar treatment Plant which is located at 34 Yankee Doodle Street, New York, New Jersey 6789.  Cleaners Limited will be providing water treatment service to the plant. They will have to clean the water sources and ensure that water received or stored is dirt free.  If required they may have to install new water sources.


The objective of the project is to avoid hindrance in the treatment work of the workers of the plant. If the water is dirt free, the production process will be faster.

Duration of work:

The services of Cleaners Limited will begin from 3rd of May 2012. They have to complete all the process within two weeks time.

Cost incurred:

In exchange of services rendered, Cleaners Limited will be paid a remuneration of $50000. They have to be paid fifty percent of the amount in advance before the work begins.