Work Method Statement

A work method statement is a document highlighting the methodological aspects of an organization. It includes the overt and covert facets of the working techniques and means for better comprehension of the way the goals are being accomplished. Thus it is to be crafted analytically by nailing in crucial information about the procedural and functional agenda of the working methods.

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Sample Work Method Statement

Work Method Statement

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This work method statement is based on the working strategies of Osborne Boys’ School, by virtue of which the institution has maintained outstanding academic records continuously for the last 5 years and inspired many other institutions to adopt its working methods.

Statement 1: The organization has been granted special authorization by the National Education Council for American Education to design its study programmes and materials which focus solely on the application values and techniques of the text.

Statement 2: The students are encouraged to pursue courses they are most comfortable in and are enthused to turn their passion into a stable career deviating from the prevailing educational norms and standards. Courses on unconventional subjects are delivered as a part of mainstream education.

Statement 3: The evaluation tests are conducted round the year and not only during certain days or months of the year to trace the students’ development for a continual period of time. These results are then consolidated to produce a concrete performance report.

Statement 4: The positive characteristics of the child’s development are reported in parent-teacher meetings instead of complaining about his drawbacks for him to introspect into his faults and capitalise his potentialities on his own.

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