What is the importance of Statements?

Statements can be of a number of kinds like accounting statements, business statements, vision statements and even personal statements. They are important in general, as stating a particular fact or hope or ambition, but depending on their nature, the importance of statements will differ in kind, if not in degree.  For example, if a bank statement conveys a point of fact, and thus is important in its factual accuracy, a vision statement conveys desire, expectation and ambition and is important in expressing the vision of a particular individual or organization. A question like “what is the importance of statements” is thus difficult to answer as statements cannot be resolved into one uniform generic category.

Some ways in which statements attain importance are as follows:

  • Statements express something, which can be factual information, or a more subjective opinion, ambition and dream. Whatever the nature of the statement, it claims, by its very nature of being a statement, a kind of confidence and veracity.
  • Statements like personal statements or vision statements, which are built upon hope for the future as well as the experience of the past, presuppose the existence of a chance of realization. In other words, when a vision statement is being framed, there is an underlying assumption that all efforts will be made to translate the vision into reality.
  • Statements often serve as blueprints or guides for plans of action. Often they can perform the function of reference points so that the statements put forward can be translated into reality.
  • Statements like bank statements and business accounting statements presuppose the authenticity of the information contained. Hence they are useful as documents which can serve as evidence in case of disputes.

Thus we see that statements are important in a number of different ways, and as they are divisible into categories, their importance too can be classified and made specific.

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