What is Resume Statement

The resume statement is an important part of every resume. This is also called the objective statement which must convey the qualities and qualifications of the individual. This should make a powerful impact and must also be relevant to the post or job that the candidate is applying for. This is placed at the very beginning of the resume and hence should manage to gain the appropriate attention of the employers. The resume is important since the best ones always get the first interview call. However, the statement can vary if the candidate is applying for a wide range of different jobs but overall must have following indispensable points intact:

  • The length of the resume statement must be appropriate. There is very low tolerance for employers to go through a huge statement. The best option is to be precise and brief.
  • The qualifications of the candidate must be mentioned. This need not be done in a detailed manner but there should be clear mention of each.
  • The statement should also convey the qualities of the candidate that make him an ideal employee. The moral and ethical qualities should be mentioned as well as the skills for managing complex business situations.
  • The resume statement can also include all the special talents or qualities like expertise in a foreign language etc. This helps in creating a powerful statement.
  • There can also be mention of the added certificate courses or/and training that the candidate possess.
  • The language should be simple, coherent and yet must be able to convey all required details.
  • The resume should not overestimate the candidate through any of its statement. Subtlety is appreciated over self gloating by most employers. This should, thus, be humble but not self depreciating.
  • Resume objective statement must be placed strategically within the resume so that it gains maximum attention.

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