What is an Education Statement

Education statement is one of the important recitation which helps in promoting the education among an intended mass of people. Such a text helps in narrating the features of the teaching procedures, requisites of learners and help in realizing the urgent priorities while establishing the learning process. The authority of the educational institute generally compelled the teachers to submit the education statement document to the parents of the ward ensuring his or her proper upbringing.

This is an instant and convenient way by which the parents could decide about the strategies and advices recited on through the statement. Even the education statements are also created by the teachers for the purpose of applying in a new job of teaching, participating in educational seminars or conference etc.

The purpose of an education statement might be varied but it should regulate some of the important factors in order to make the document more acceptable. They are as follows:

  • If it is an education statement provided by the school authority for a particular ward, then it should elaborate the strength and weakness of the same ward. This helps the parents to understand the overall education status of their child.
  • However, if it is for the purpose of a new job for a teacher, then it must enunciate the objective and intended goals of the concern person. This helps the concern employer to understand whether it syncs with the objective of the institute or not.
  • Irrespective of the purpose, the statement should be written in a clear approach along with incorporation of necessary details which is easily understandable by the concern authority.

The need of an education statement remains invariably the same under any situations. It has two kinds namely general and philosophical and both of them have equal importance in the field of education.

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