What is a Vision Statement

With numerous facets of life to contend on every single day, determining and implementing one’s own goals can be a complicated process. However, framing a vision statement for a particular target, task, project or purpose of life can add determination and direct the work that is at hand. Therefore, a proper and clear vision has to be stated by the respective entities in order to depict what are their desires and wishes to be fulfilled.  In order to do so, certain attributes have to be abided by strictly. They are as follows:

  • The perspective of a vision statement generally varies depending on the kind of objective one wish to fulfill. This would help to depict the goals lucidly to the intended individuals or group. Even, it can direct the intended authority to decipher their role in order to make the particular vision successfully fulfilled.
  • Identifying the correct and appropriate vision statement is no more a daunting task, if we do proper research on the objective that is targeted to be accomplished and viewpoints of others associated with it are also taken into consideration.
  • Vision also depicts the outlook of the particular company, institute or individual towards their goals. Hence, such verbose should be used which can clearly portray the principle objective or future goals of the company that is intended to be accomplished.
  • The vision statement has to be framed in a way so that it also synchronizes with the intention of the targeted audience. This would help in creating a profuse impact.
  • One should ensure not to frame the vision statement effusively with uses of long sentences as this might create a tedious look or can also lead to ambiguousness.  A short and clear vision statement is always appreciated and are the best determined.

In a nutshell, a concise and composed vision statement can always translate a vision into fulfillment.

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