What is a Sales Statement

A sales statement is an account of the various aspects of sale of a particular product or products and/ or services. This report is a very significant document for the assessment of the status of a particular business or company that manufactures goods for sale in the market and earning profits, that is, for all profit-making organizations. Hence, the sales statement serves as an important record of the various parameters of sales and the corresponding details and information.

A sales statement can be of a number of types, depending on the nature of the statement and the purpose of framing the same. A few of the common types of sales statements include:

  • Wholesale Statement
  • Retail Sales Statement
  • Business Sales Statement
  • Company Sales Statement, and others

The presentation of the content, lineation, and structure of the sales statements will also vary depending on the variation in the documents, but the basic form of most statements for sales are similar. The general characteristics of a sales statement are as follows:

  • The reference number, serial number, or some other identification number of the sales statement must be provided at the beginning of the document.
  • The name(s) of the product(s)/ service(s) being sold must be mentioned in the statement.
  • The sales statement must also contain the brand name of the name of the specific company, business, or any other organization, as it may be.
  • A section containing the objectives of the sales statement can be provided for better understanding of the purpose of the document.
  • The various parameters or factors considered while preparing the sales statement must be mentioned clearly, with corresponding details of the factors and the particular information should be provided.
  • Financial details should be listed accurately in the sales statement.
  • Names and authentic signatures of the individuals included in preparing and approving the sales statement must be provided.
  • A firm conclusion and future sales plans and projects are generally provided towards the end of a sales statement. Areas of improvement are also chalked out, along with effective suggestions for development in sales.