What is a Research Statement

A research statement is created for the purpose of summarizing all the research findings for a particular topic. This also consists of creating a proposal based on the findings for a future research project. The research statement is created for a particular audience and shows the level of proficiency in the specific area of research chosen.  This is very important not just for academic purposes to be used by research scholars but also for candidates looking for jobs. This statement is asked by various employers as a way in which the appropriate employee is chosen. This statement consists of the current research achievements and their use for the future projects. It is important to follow a given pattern for this type of statement. Generally, a typical structure is already given for different situations. An educational research statement will differ from a market research statement and hence, there should be no confusion or overlapping of layouts.

There are essentially three parts to a research statement:

  • An abstract- This generally describes the outline of the research findings and the probable research topic to be ensued.
  • Background- This is where the research findings are mentioned in details and also the possibility of more findings as a result of the current ones.
  • Goals- The future project to be pursued as a result of this research done is mentioned at the end.

It is important to keep in mind the following:

  • The statement should not be vague but address specific points, issues and conditions according to the research topic.
  • There should be no confusion in terms of the language and layout used. The language should be simple and it should be according to the given layout standard.
  • For job applicants, it is important to note down those points that showcase individual expertise.



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