What is a Personal Statement

Personal statement is an effective tool by which one can essentially affirm their personal accomplishments through a communication [oral or written]. While documenting such an assertion for an application to a job or university, one must ensure to distinguish their personal attributes from his or her contenders for the intended position. This can be accomplished by essentially outlining the personal credentials that is desirous for the particular position and let it shine through the prose so that the reader could essentially determine the credibility of the concern person.

Therefore, while formulating a personal statement, one must ensure that it has a clear and organized presentation throughout. Hence, one must essentially follow the enlisted factors effectively.

  • The foremost task is to gather pivotal information about the concern individual from his resume, transcripts and recommendations. This would help to gather noteworthy experiences and accomplishments that relates with the purpose. Even, this help in adding potential points to the personal statement as well.
  • The personal statement must start with an introduction that should effectively grab the attention of the intender. The attention grabbing opener with mention of personal anecdote can easily create a first impression on the reader.
  • The introduction should be followed by a paragraph that would essentially explicate the skills, abilities and experiences of the concern individual. One should ensure to relate that with the position for which he is applying.
  • Deduce and demonstrate all the strong abilities of the candidate and substantiate the claims with proper examples. This would also justify why the particular position should be awarded to the concern individual.

A personal statement can be the first and last opportunity for an individual to impress the concern authority and therefore, one must not commit any inadvertent mistakes or skip indispensable personal attributes while documenting it.


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