What is a Mission Statement

A mission statement essentially describes the objective of an organization or institute concisely. It should be focused and specific so that the people associated with a particular organization or institute could work accordingly and benchmark it so as to gauge their own deliverables. This is an important piece of document which helps in profuse enhancement of the performance of the concern organization by identifying the exact intention of it. Hence, while constructing such a mission statement, one must ensure to follow some of the attributes strictly so that it helps in achieving the exact mission. They are as enlisted:

  • Prior generating a mission statement, it is always advisable to organize a brainstorming session so as to obtain different kind of input from the collaborators. This would help the authority to reach out to various kinds of ideas through which an effective mission statement could be drafted.
  • The statement should be incorporated with certain words and terminologies that would essentially depict the objective of the particular organization. This would help to make the statement look much more strong and appealing. Moreover, it would essentially help in focusing on the exact purpose as well.
  • It is also important to realize the objectives of the institute for whom the mission statement has to be drafted. This is because; a relevant and transparent mission statement always remains successful and effective in imparting high visibility.
  • The language used in documenting the statement has to be lucid and succinct in approach. This would help to enhance the readability of the same. Moreover, it would also help in publicizing the statement among a wide range of people.
  • A mission statement always signifies the dedication of the particular institute or organization towards its goal. Therefore, one must review it so as to avoid any heedless errors.

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