What is a Method Statement

A method statement is an important formal statement made by the employer or company for the employees describing methodologies of any particular work. Such kind statement is given before the commencement of a particular job and it essentially highlights the nature of that job to the employee. This also assesses the different risks and hazards, if any, that might be part of the job and hence, enumerates different safety measures to be taken to avoid any adverse situation. The method of operation is very clearly stated in this statement and the employee will need to refer to this while on the job.

The method statement, therefore, does record particular details related to the job assigned. This might include the production details like material used, the cost of operation and the budget that must be followed. These types of statements are popularly used in construction companies as well as licensed cleaning companies that deal with certain hazards and risks while on the job. This statement must contain certain details and created professionally with strict adherence to important details.

  • The name of the employee and the job that is to be assigned must be stated firsthand.
  • The purpose of the job should also be described in detail in the statement.
  • All risks and potential hazards that are associated with the job should be mentioned very clearly in the statement. There should be no cause for legal consequences later.
  • The different precautions to be taken for personal and overall safety must also me specified in the statement.
  • The method of operation that needs to be pursued should be mentioned in a step by step manner.
  • The management details with regard to this job should be mentioned. This should include the names of person in charge and the safety inspector for reference during the job.

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