What is a Medical Statement

A medical statement is a special official document that accounts for the various medical prospects of a certain project or medical institute, organization, etc. Medicine is an important stream of science and plays an important role in our daily lives, helping cure a number of tough diseases and thus providing a healthy and disease-free life to most people. Hence, medical statements are essential documents that help keep a record of the various conditions of health, diseases present, areas of possible treatment, medication, etc.

The medical statement may differ in nature depending on the purpose of the project or the condition of the patient or community it is being prepared for, as per the specifications of the document. There may be a number of types of medical statements, such as:

  • Individual Medical Statement [for one patient]
  • Community Medical Statement [medical statement of some particular group]
  • Company Medical Statement [medical statement of the organization and its surrounding conditions]
  • Employee Medical Statement [for the well-being of the employees and workers]
  • Student Medical Statement [medical statement prepared while studying at school or college level or prior to admission in some educational institution]
  • Pharmaceutical Medical Statement [for discovering drugs and studying respective organizations], etc

The structure of a medical statement varies typically with the particular objective with which it is being framed, but there are a few general characteristics that remain unchanged for most medical statements, such as:

  • The title of the medical statement should necessarily be mentioned at the beginning of the document.
  • The unique identification code or number for the particular medical statement should be provided.
  • The name(s) of the people or individuals framing the statement, those supervising over the document and the ones approving it should be mentioned clearly in the medical statement. The contact details of the individuals should also be given, in cases of emergency.
  • For medical statements dealing with the general health of patient(s), the statement should include the case history of patient(s), supposed ailments and the corresponding course of treatment, prescribed drugs and medications, etc.
  • Signature(s) and appropriate date(s) are important for all medical statements.