What is a Marketing Statement

A marketing statement is the one which is followed by every business firm for the purpose of documenting the market analysis portion of a specific business strategy for investors and consumers. This needs to be carefully planned and jotted down. This is aimed at recording the marketing plans and following a systematic approach to the strategy developed. There is a lot of research involved and the slightest error can be very damaging to the company. The marketing statement is required for securing the funds of the company and ensuring that there are more investors drawn to invest in the company. This is a tool for generating a great amount of revenue and hence, requires proper expertise for the formulation.

While constructing the marketing statement, the following pointers need to be followed:

  • The statement should incorporate all the business activities of the year. This will include all the highs and the lows that have been faced by the company.
  • This should not be too long. It should be brief and precise and should state the main purpose of the market strategy.
  • There should be a proper list given of all the criteria that is required to follow so that a great number of investors can be brought in to invest within the company and hence increase the profit percentage of the company.
  • There should be thorough market analysis done. There should not be any section of the market that is missed. It is important to identify the target market before constructing this type of a statement.
  • There should be a proper list of all the products and services that the company offers. Also, there should be mention of new products to be introduced into the market.
  • The marketing strategy should be stated in detail which will include budgets, cost of production and other such relevant details.