What is a Management Statement

A management statement is a process that is followed by every kind of firm irrespective of whether they are profit making or non-profit making. This is done for the purpose of assuring the current investors and consumers about the products and services offered with respect to their quality and profitability. This statement can also be used in academic institutions to highlight the discipline and the rules and regulations that must follow. It can also be used in resumes as a personal statement showcasing skills and abilities of a prospective manager.

Generally, the management statement is used in business which is created by the senior management of a company for strengthening public relations. The main emphasis is made on the quality of the goods and services with the hope of retaining current investment as well as drawing in new consumers and investors.  It offers a detailed list of the services and products offered and highlight the main goals attained through the services.

  • The statement can be constructed in any layout. The points can be arranged in bullets or they can be written in an essay form.
  • There should be proper mention of the management team responsible for delivering the promised services.
  • There must not be any use of complicated language. This statement should be able to appeal to a large number of people and hence, should be simple and precise.
  • It is important to identify the objectives of the business in the statement and a promise must be made to achieve these objectives. There should not be over praising of the institution but humility and openness to the idea of constant improvement.
  • The management statement should list the current goods and services provided as well as the new goods and services that has been introduced. The additional features to be present in the new goods and services should be highlighted.