What is a Legal Statement

A legal statement is essentially created for legal cases pertaining to court or for litigation. The statement is presented by both parties involved in the particular case. It records both sides of the argument and ensures that all perspectives are taken into account during the trial. The purpose of the legal statement, thus, is to ensure that a fair trial is met and that the rightful party is ensured justice. These are very important as it can determine the fate of either party during the trial.

The legal statement, hence, acts as a record of the different statements made by individuals related to the case as well as other details related to the particular case. This type of statement must be created by a professional solicitor as it requires careful construction with great attention to detail. The following points are necessary during the creation of a legal statement:

  • The names of both the parties involved in the case should be mentioned initially in the statement. There should also be ample space to describe the personal information like date of birth, gender etc.
  • The case details must be described next which should have all the events recorded that led up to the case. Each event should be accurately described with respect to its details.
  • The different statements that are collected from both sides as well as the witnesses and other official accounts made during the case should be mentioned in the legal statement.
  • After this, the closing statements made by both parties as well as the final judgment should be specified in the statement.
  • The legal statement must have signatures, at the end, from both the parties involved in the case as well as the respective lawyers involved, if any. The judge’s seal must also be present.

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