What is a Career Statement

Career statements are the declaration of an individual’s career objective, goals and aspirations. Such a text helps a person to determine his or her career more profusely by taking an overall glance on it. This also helps them to realize whether they are directed on the right path or not. The purpose of every career statement is the same; instead, the content and way of recitation varies. Therefore, certain factors have to be kept in mind in order to make an impressive and strongly determinative statement. They are enlisted as follows:

  • Language: The readability of a career statement is very important as this helps the intended authority to understand its content lucidly and succinctly. It is essential for depicting the intentions related to career properly to the intended authority.
  • Transparency and Factualness: The career statement is one of the important lineaments regarding a person’s objective and intentions which are to be fulfilled. Therefore, transparency is one of the important aspects that have to be taken into consideration. The exactness is another co-related factor which has to be maintained as well in order to make the statement acceptable by the authority.
  • Realistic aspirations and Modesty: Modesty is considered as one of the significant factors and a career statement must not have an iota of visible vanity in it. The statement must essentially mention the realistic experiences and aspirations. This could help the concern authority to determine whether the objective of the particular candidate is parallel to their requirement or not.

Career statements are primarily of two types, long term and short term. Both are different in nature as one enunciate the future goals and latter one recites the recent objectives that is wished to be accomplished by the concern individual. However, the importance of both the statement is imperative despite of its kind.

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