What are Different Types of Statement?

There are many different kinds of statements. Depending on the nature of statements, its framework as well as its importance varies immensely. Some statements are more factual whereas some express hope and desire. Some may serve as documents proclaiming authenticity while some may serve as documents outlining the suitability of a candidate for a job or a college. Statements can range from the personal statement to the vision statement, from bank statements to accounting statements. Some other important kinds of statements include:

  • Business statements: Business statements are documents which highlight various aspects of a business like business goals, business accounting, and business philosophy. Such statements must be accurate and faithful to the actual nature of the business in question. In case of business goal statements, the goals outlined must be feasible and practical.
  • Education statements: Education statements are those which outline a candidate’s prior academic experience and his or her suitability for a particular course in a particular college. Again, these must be accurate and precise in order to provide a correct picture of the candidate in question.
  • Career statements: Career statements express a candidate’s hopes regarding his career, the manner in which he will contribute to his company’s growth as well as participate in his own professional growth. Career statements are often sued to judge a prospective employee and thus must be written well.
  • Financial statements: Financial statements must be extremely accurate. They can be documents which show the income and expenditure of an individual for a particular period of time, or they can be a statement from the company in which a person works, detailing the last income drawn by the employee.

Thus, there is quite a wide variety of statements and each retains its own importance. Keeping in mind the category to which a particular statement falls is essential while writing or judging a certain statement.

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