Vision Statement

A vision statement is the future planning of the company. Vision statement inspires you to sketch out a framework upon which you and your team will work to achieve the set vision for the company.

A vision statement maybe applicable either to the company as a whole or maybe targeted at a specific division, but aims to answer one single question ‘Were do we go from here?’. Keeping this in mind all the business strategies is formed that benefit the company and achieve what the vision statement aims to attain.

A vision statement is a tool to promote change within the organization towards the goal, slowly but steadily. A well defined vision not only translates into success but also becomes the means to motivate and inspire employees.

Sample Vision Statement

  • It is our vision at Eat Right to help people around the world eat right and achieve good health for a better and happy life ahead.
  • Our vision is not merely meant for sales target but it is the essence of our company-it is who we are. Our vision tells everyone associated with us-employees as well as customers that we care.
  • The well being of people associated with us is our primary goal and our vision captures this essence. We aim to inform all about the benefits of our natural products and how they can overcome various lifestyle problems faced by people in times like today.
  • We wish to spread the joys of healthy eating amongst everyone which will lead to a happy and content life.