Vision Statement Template

A vision statement template is a document which outlines the vision of a company or an individual. It is an extremely important document as every organization must have a vision which can then direct and determine the path it will take in the hope of achieving that vision. A vision statement template thus is a layout which shows exactly how to compose a vision statement effectively.

Sample Vision Statement Template

Name of company: _________________________________________

Date of establishment: ______________________________________

Nature of company: ________________________________________ [Mention briefly some introductory details about the company whose vision statement is being composed]

The values we represent:

  • Value 1: ____________________________________
  • Value 2: _____________________________________
  • Value 3: _____________________________________ [Mention some of the values represented by the company like integrity, efficiency and honesty. A vision statement should go beyond the immediate operations of the company to highlight its values and the broad framework of ethical decisions in which the company would like to work]

Our vision: ____________________________________________ [This is an important section of the vision statement where the vision of the company, its ultimate goals and aspirations must be represented]

The path to tread: __________________________________________________ [Briefly outline the means by which the vision stated by the company can be realized.]

Our focus will lie on:

  • Area 1: ________________________
  • Area 2: ________________________
  • Area 3: _________________________ [Mention a few of the thrust areas of the company which shall propel it towards fulfilling its dreams]

Last words: __________________________________ [Briefly sum up the main tenets of the vision template in a manner that captures the imagination]

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