Vision Statement Example

While writing a vision statement, the main objective should be to achieve set goals. A company or an organization must list out its future goals and objectives and formulate a vision statement accordingly. A vision statement can be used as a leadership tool to motivate employees and keep the customers satisfied along with attracting new customers.

A vision statement truly reflects the aspirations of the organization. Well defined vision statements can help achieve targets and attract new customers. Take care to keep the vision statement short and crisp that send out the message properly.

Sample Vision Statement Example 1: It is our aim to become a company that our shareholders and customers want. Within the next five years it is our endeavour to double our profits and gain a strong hold on the market so that we are able to fulfil the dreams of all those associated with us.

Sample Vision Statement Example 2: To become a company that understands the needs and wants of a woman and delivers the best products globally. Our main objective is to constantly innovate and manufacture products that have maximum benefits, without compromising on the quality.

Sample Vision Statement Example 3: The Company intends to provide a wide range of sports products which are high in quality. We aim to increase our net profit double the recent one within four years so as to benefit the employers as well as stake holders. We will not get apprehensive of competition; instead deliver better than any other company.