Vision Mission Statement

Vision mission statements are inspiring and stimulating words chosen by leaders to convey the thought behind a company , clearly to those associated with the company-consumers, stake holders and employees. A good mission statement defines the organizations primary goals and objectives.  Vision mission statements are an amalgamation of what the company foresees and what measures it will take to achieve targets.

Well defined vision mission statements are a guiding principle for employees as it motivates them to work even harder and attain the desired vision. A vision mission statement should not be very elaborate, but instead be short and crisp and to the point.

Sample Vision Mission Statement 1: To develop a strong and lasting relationship with our clients by selling our products at a reasonable price without compromising on quality.  We are constantly striving to deliver the best to our customers by innovating new and improved designs. Our employees are our asset and hence we take care to keep them motivated always.

Sample Vision Mission Statement 2: It is our mission to build and develop a strong network of clientele that are loyal to our services. We aim to provide better services to our customer base. Our sales policy will include ways to enhance our relationship with our clients. We aim to remunerate our employees with regular increments hence building a strong interpersonal relationship.

Sample Vision Mission Statement 3: To become the best store in the vicinity selling top-notch products at reasonable price. To build a strong loyal client base that trusts us always hence translating into better sales.