Types of Vision and Mission Statements

Mission statements provide an organization or a person, guidance to what the goals and objectives are and specify a way of achieving them. Vision statements are the long term goals that an organization envisions in order to grow. Here we provide you with the types of vision and mission statements.

Printable Mission Statement Template

Printable Mission Statement Template

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Mission statement

A mission statement defines what an organization is and the reason for its existence.

Mission statements come in different types namely Organizational, personal and non-profit.


Organizational mission statements should consist of components such as purpose, values and vision. An effective mission statement should have some common critical elements which present clarity on organization’s purpose. It should also specify to whom it is intended for.


Personal mission statements give the description of what your values and goals are. These statements include objectives regarding education, career, weight, etc. personal mission statements may also deal with personal improvement in socializing, communicating, etc more. The statements are designed to provide you focus in your life.


A non-profit organization’s intention is to serve humanity, and hence it is essential that their mission statement clearly specifies the services to be provided and the compassion which encourages the people who provide those services. It is important to have an effective mission statement as sought by the volunteers, donors and supporters. It should be present on your organization’s website, in your annual reports, and in your fund raising documents.

Vision statement

A vision statement describes where you are heading. There are three types of vision statements


Quantitative vision statements specify a numeric value which is measurable. These could be anything such as quantitative goals like sales targets, reaching specific production value or a role model goal that is targeted at another organization.


Competitive vision statements are aimed to beat the biggest competitor in the market. These are basically centered on common enemy firms. Competitive vision statements are the goals that either be general or specific in nature. Such goals can have the potential to displace a company which is at the top position in its field or can outdo a local competing organization. These types of vision statements are generally considered as long term aspirations, because a new firm has to establish a name in its area before either of these goals can be accomplished and it takes time.


Superlative vision statements are aimed at being the best in the market. These are mostly associated with firms that have been in business for a while, and are willing to undergo internal transformation. The aim of these goals is to change something about the organization. Superlative vision statements could be something to becoming the best in its field of customer service or being the most Eco-friendly company in the market.