Teaching Statements

A teaching statement is a brief essay stating one’s teaching techniques, strategies and objectives with respect to one’s discipline of study and in accordance with the faculty position one aspires to hold. It is basically a conceptual write up from a prospective teacher to his or her recruiters stating his goals, aspirations and expectations from the post. Following are a few points that one needs to keep in mind while drafting a teaching statement:

  • The statement envisages the role one seeks to play in an institution, the creative and intellectual expectations one has from one’s students and the quality of knowledge one intends to make available to one’s pupils. The statement should also underline how one intends to utilize the class time, what challenges one anticipates in implementing one’s strategies and how one plan to address them.
  • It must be noted that a teaching statement does not really aims to illustrate one’s disciplinary content, course outline, complexities and text frameworks, but rather focuses on foregrounding one’s teaching methods and the strategies one intends to adopt to facilitate effective interaction with one’s students thereby guiding their approach towards the courses.
  • Since the designing of a teaching philosophy provokes one to reflect and introspect on one’s entire concept of teaching and facilitates proper articulation of one’s teaching practices, a teaching statement must be drafted after much thought with enormous care and precision.

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