Teaching Statement Format

A teaching statement format is the basic guideline on how to write a teaching statement. Teaching statements are written by teachers to share their aspirations, career goals and vision of teaching and what they believe in. The content of the statement varies from person to person and what their personal philosophy is, but there are some basic points one needs to remember in order to write a god teaching statement. It should give a glimpse of how the teacher plans to teach her students and what is her goal. She can also give a background of her skills, knowledge and work experience to supplement her teaching statement.

Sample Teaching Statement Format:

Name of teacher: ___________

Date of Birth: _____________

School: _____________

Course/Code: _____________

Application Number: _____________

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a teaching statement should have the basic philosophy of a teacher and what he or she believes in when it comes to teaching. Everyone has their own style of teaching, strategies and method to make maximum learning possible and to engage the student’s attention and interest. This should be written in details in the first paragraph.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph should give a brief background of the teacher like his or her educational qualifications, skills, achievements, work experience and how he is going to incorporate all that in his teaching.

Third paragraph: This is the closing paragraph of the teaching statement and should contain a summary of the teacher’s personal philosophy, how he or she plans to initiate and execute the teaching and learning experience sand so on.