Teaching Statement Example

A teaching statement example is an instance of a written document submitted by someone who wants to apply for the job of a teacher. Many institutions prefer to see a statement besides the usual resume and cover letter because a statement contains the teacher’s vision and goals. The teacher describes how he or she plans to teach his students or why this job interests him or her. He also states what he wants to do in the future in this field and what his aspirations are. By reading the teacher statement, the hiring authorities get an idea of what the teacher believes in and if he or she will be a good asset to the organization.

Sample Teaching Statement:

Name of teacher: Millie Reynolds

Date of Birth: 9/3/1978

School: St Agnes High School

Course Name/Code: Biology

Application Number: 121

Teaching Statement:

I, Millie Reynolds, wish to apply for the post of a Biology teacher at high school level at your esteemed institute. I love this subject and I have always wanted to be a teacher so that I can discuss the wonders of Biology with children and get them interested in the subject. I believe in being firm but also lending a gentle ear to anyone who is falling behind so that all the children get to be involved in the class. I pay equal attention to everyone and am willing to work extra time for coaching students who are finding the course difficult.

Thank you for considering my application and I hope to hear from you soon,

Millie Reynolds,