Teaching Research Statement

A teaching research statement is a document that focuses on the research areas that concern teaching and its various aspects that need to be studied thoroughly to actually help it stand as a great social occupation it claims to be. Teaching is a noble profession wholly dedicated to the benefit of students and the statement for research work on teaching should thus be framed very tactically to involve the best prospects that would enhance the procedure of teaching.

Sample Teaching Research Statement:

Title: “Adult Education”


The research project involves adult education as its main theme. The fundamental aspect of the research work will be the spread of education among adults, especially those who have not received a proper primary or basic education. The process of teaching is different considering the specialty of purpose and hence the research is being conducted to devise unique methodologies that apply to general as well as general purposes.

Research conducted by: U.S Council of Education for All

Team of Research Professionals: Andrew Barrymore, Rose Fredrick, Leslie Roderick, and Mark Anthony Stewart

Date of preparing Research Statement: 22nd December, 2011

Teaching Research Statement:

This teaching research statement on “adult education” has been framed to bring to the notice of all the cause of and the draft for conducting adult education in various parts of New York City. The need for this form of teaching stands pronounced in the present day structure where education is a fundamental right for all but is not practiced properly. Many adults have not received a proper school-level education and thus remain backward in the understanding and knowledge of even the basic concepts that rule the world today. Hence, we have thought of this approach of teaching through which we would reach out to all who need it, with enough stress on individual requirements as well as community demands.