Teacher Mission Statement

Teacher mission statement is basically a clear declaration of a teacher’s teaching principles, techniques and approach with respect to one’s field of study and in adherence to the capacity of the faculty position one wishes to hold in an institution. It is a brief essay defining a teacher’s vision and aspirations and providing an outline of the way one intends to perform the job.

The teacher mission statement is generally attached to one’s job application expressing, to the recruiter, the commitment that the concerned person intends to demonstrate on being considered for the job.

Mission Statement Template

Mission Statement Template

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Sample Teacher Mission Statement

Name: Judith Pleasant

School: East Highway School, Texas

Course: English Literature, Creative Writing

Classes: 9, 10, 11, and 12

About the teacher:

I have been in the teaching profession for near about five years. I love working with children and am deeply passionate about my work.

I have graduated in English literature from the University of Texas in 1995 and have done my masters from the same in 1997. I have also done a diploma course in creative writing from the Writewell University, Texas and have been associated with several literary projects in and around the city.

I have worked as a project director in the Teach USA project in 2000 aimed at teaching the basics of English language to children from all sections of the society. I have also been part of the editorial team of ‘Be Creative’ magazine dedicated to encourage children towards the art of imagination, out-of-the-box thinking and creative writing. As a teacher, I have been a part of the faculty in New York School from 2006-2011, wherein I had taught my students the various nuances of creative writing and have developed in them the analytical faculties to enjoy and understand the intricacies of literature.

Mission Statement:

My mission is to equip my students with the intuitive, inquisitive and analytical tools that would help them penetrate the depths of a literary text and extract meaning from it. I also intend to open their minds and encourage them to look beyond the conventional and ordinary so as to develop an imaginary fertile mind that can give birth to great literary works of art.