Student Artist Statement

A student artist statement is a document that helps students to express about their artwork and the form of artwork they pursue. They also need to mention the process with which they value the creative process. The statement also helps the students to communicate the value of learning art and how art can provide them complete and meaningful education.

The statement helps the students as well as teachers to create an opportunity for them and also to analyze their experiences of learning. It also sometimes helps to achieve goals. The statements are usually posted in schools or the educational institution in which the student is studying.

Sample Student Artist Statement

When I paint I see the world in front of me in various colors and especially in the colors I want to paint them. Painting is a process for me of recreating the world the way I want it to be. I feel that I have created my own world over which I have control.

I believe in making paintings that are colorful and talks about the beautiful side of nature created by God. I interpret God’s creation in my own ways by filling it with various colors. When I was a child, I used to paint landscape and nature the way it is. But, now I paint it as per my perspective. This inspiration came when I started observing the world more closely.

There are various painting projects that we have to undertake in school. My projects have always been appreciated and I have also received certificates for it.