Strategic Vision Statement

A strategic vision statement is an approach of a company’s future direction and business make up. It is a guiding concept for what the organization is trying to do and to become. A vision statement replies to the question “What will be a vision of our company in coming 5 years?”  . A strategic vision statement is a travel guide of an organization’s future – the direction it’s headed, the client’s focus it must acquire, the prime position it should occupy in the market and the abilities it plans to develop. A vision statement must be reasonable. If you can’t infer your idea into a certainty, it is an abuse of efforts; consequently vision should be reasonable.

A strategic vision statement should be brief and simple to understand. The ideas expressed should have depth and meaning to it and not be merely superficial. A well defined vision statement is a tool to motivate employees as well as customers.

Sample Strategic Vision Statement 1: Quorum Health Group, Inc. will be valued for its expertise in hospital management and its ability to positively impact the delivery of quality healthcare.

Sample Strategic Vision Statement 2: To become the best insurance company that helps people become financially secure.

Sample Strategic Vision Statement 3: Five years hence, we aim to double our profits and become leaders in computer software industry. We aim to see our products and applications being used worldwide with every PC equipped with our softwares. Without compromising on the quality, we will rule the software market.