Statement Unemployment Letter

The statement unemployment letter is composed during recent unemployment. This is composed during an unexpected termination of employment within a company.  This is a sort of an appeal wherein the individual is able to state clearly the reasons for the termination. This could be for various reasons such as violation of company policies, financial problems in the company, poor services etc. It is also important to state the current state faced by the individual. It is essential to state the objectives clearly.

The appeal is made to reconsider the unemployment by stating the strengths of the individual or to emphasize the importance of his or her role in the company. In case one has been fired for company policy violation, then this letter becomes a way to explain the circumstances and be as honest as possible about the situation.

Sample Statement Unemployment Letter


HYUIO Company Ltd.

23 G, Binge Street,

West Virginia

Date: 6.7.2012

To the Human Resources Department,

My contract with your company has been dissolved before the stipulated period. I was hired by your company in order to complete the HYUIO G Fall Project. Due to the company’s downsizing and budget cuts, my contract was terminated. The details are given below:

Name: David Rye

Contract for: HYUIO G Fall Project

Project Brief: To create mobile software that accommodates dual SIMs.

Period of contract: 2 years

Termination on: 3.4.2012, 7 months before the stipulated date.

I would request the company to reimburse the employment benefits I was deemed to get during my employment. I am overdue by 7 months of the benefits. I would also request you to compose a reference statement for future employment opportunities. The state unemployment is, as to my knowledge, not my responsibility. Please take the corrective measures immediately.

Thanking you,


David Rye

I certify the veteran stated above has lost thirty five days of active service during the period of active service. This service member has not been barred from re-enlistment.