Statement Service Letter

The statement service letter is composed for the purposes of acquiring a home loan. This needs to be addressed to the military personnel office. This letter helps verify whether the individual concerned in a military member, active or retired. He needs to have 6 years of service at least before retiring. This letter is essentially required for the VA loans and helps in avoiding any fraud or falsified information.

This also helps the military member to restrict the availability of VA loans only to those belonging rightfully to the army. This letter statement is very importance as approval or disapproval is dependent on it. When one has acquired the statement service letter, the next thing that needs to be done is verify it under the commanding officer concerned. Signatures in this letter are as important as the information collected.

Sample Statement Service Letter

The military service information has been provided on this memo extracted from records on file at the Ohio Military center. This information is to be used for official purposes only which includes adjudication of veteran benefits.


Subject: Active Military Duty Service Statement

I, General Bridges, certify that as a General officer, am the official custodian for Lt. H. Wells’ personnel records.

Name: H. Wells

Social Security ID: 45566777

Service Serial Number: 33445666

D.O.B.: 4.5.1957

Rank: Lieutenant  of the Michigan Army Services

The entire Statement of Service of active duty periods of service by the Veteran has been given below:

From (date of service entry): 1990 to 2005

To: Home Appliances VA, Michigan

Status: Retired

Separations and Forms Issued: All issued and verified

ETS: Confirmed

I certify the veteran stated above has lost thirty five days of active service during the period of active service. This service member has not been barred from re-enlistment.