Statement Reference Letter

The statement reference letter is written by employers on behalf of their employees so that the latter can venture out for other employment. This is generally written so that other companies can assess the type of worker he or she will be. Reference letters are necessary as it makes gaining new employment easier. It showcases the experience gained as well and helps build trust in new organizations.

Sample Statement Reference Letter


Sharon & CO Retail,

23, Mater Street,



To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Mark Blaine as a candidate for any position within your company. As a General Manager in ET UR HRT Co, 2004 to 2009, he has performed excellently in his position and has always been an asset to this company the entire time of employment. Mr. Blaine has always been known for great leadership, organizational skills, verbal and written communications. He can work through various adversities and his time management is impeccable. He gets the job done during any kind of deadline

While he was employed in our company, he was also in charge of supervising the different departments in terms of collecting data and managing them. This meant a lot of administrative duties and supervising various employees to get different clerical works done. He was effective in managing all kinds of temperament and hence, to create a safe harmonious office environment.

I can guarantee that when it comes to being helpful and adaptive, Mr. Blaine remains incomparable. He has excellent management skills and gets along with every kind of business personnel. Any organization will be lucky to have him. He is truly an asset and I see a bright professional future for him. I recommend him highly for any kind of endeavor he chooses.

Yours Sincerely,

David Croton

Managing Director.