Statement Letters

One is required to submit a statement letter while applying for a specific discipline in an institution or a certain job position, wherein, one is supposed to state the reason and objective behind their application. Statement letter is, therefore, the space where one gets to tell the recruiters why one feels that one is a deserving candidate for the concerned position and what one aspires to achieve if selected for the job. It is basically that space of one’s application where one is given the opportunity to provide any additional information about one’s accomplishments that may give one an edge over the other competitors.

As a statement letter practically tells the concerned authority why one should be chosen over the others, it must be drafted with a lot of care and attention. Following are a few points that may guide one in documenting an attractive statement letter:

  • Introspection: One needs to think carefully why he is applying for the particular course and thereby briefly articulate his thoughts and opinions regarding that specific discipline. Enlisting the qualities that one feels may help one in performing the role sought is also a good idea.
  • Tone: Attention must be paid on the wording of the letter. The statement letter must be purpose-oriented, well thought out, smart and crisp reflecting a clear, confident and clever mind

Accuracy: Proof reading must be done with full concentration leaving no room for any spelling or grammar errors. Sentences should be kept small to enhance the readability.