Statement Letter Template

The statement letter template is created for the purpose of providing a proper space wherein the applicant can elaborate on all the required details in precise manner to justify his application for the concerned purpose. Such a template is useful for different application purposes such as for loans from banks, candidature in academic courses etc. It is essential that a standard template format is followed so as to retain consistency and also properly explain the aims and objectives of the applicant in a lucid way.

Sample Statement Letter Template

__________ [Date]


_____________________ [Name of recipient]

_____________________ [Title of recipient]

______________________ [Institution/ Organization Name]

____________________ [Address of institution/ organization]

Subject: _________________________________________

[State in brief the reason for the statement letter]

Dear Sir/ Madam

I, ________________________ [state full name of candidate], am writing this letter for the application of _______________________ [mention position sought or request made].

I have acquired the educational qualifications which I feel are relevant to this field of work.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in ___________________ [subject] from __________________ [college/ university], _________ [year]
  • Master’s Degree in ____________________ [subject] from ________________________ [university], ___________ [year]
  • Other qualifications: _________________________________________________________

I have always prided myself on my work ethics and professional attitude and am willing to provide all my effort in order to produce the best results. I have prior work experiences from:

  • Employer 1: __________________________ as __________________ [mention designation]
  • Employer 2: _________________________ as ___________________

I am highly determined in achieving my set goals and objective and feel your institution provides me with the perfect podium to achieve so.

Looking forward to your response;



[Name of candidate]