Statement Letter Format

The statement letter format is a standardized way through which applicants can construct their letters accordingly. It is important to follow a proper format so that the letter appears professional and organized. Such a letter is required to highlight the reason as to why the individual candidate is applying for the specific organization, program etc and the related details needs to be placed within the letter in a clear and coherent way. The statement letter format is applicable in different fields and can be used for professional, commercial, personal and other such purposes.

Sample Statement Letter Format



Name [Provide name of recipient]

Designation [State the designation of the recipient]

Name of Company [Full legal or registered name must be used]

Company Address: [Street Name]


[Zip Code]

Sub: [Provide a brief introduction to the main content of the letter]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

First Paragraph: [This should be written in a thankful tone. Elaborate on the gratitude felt for being provided the opportunity to give the interview for the given job position]

Second Paragraph: [The candidate must state the reasons for being suitable for the job. It is essential that there is proper mention of only relevant information pertaining to academics and work. There should also be mention of any additional references made from previous employers. The niche and distinguished skills of the candidate should be highlighted here.]

Third Paragraph: [The candidate must end courteously and also extend an earnest request for a positive response from the employer regarding a call back for the interview.]


[Name of sender]

[Address of the Sender]