Statement Employee Letter

A statement employee letter is a document which contains intimation to an employee or a statement to him or her about any event, promotion, complaint and so on. This is a business letter or a professional letter which must be given due consideration. It must stick to the formal features of a professional letter and the contents must be expressed simply and clearly to avoid ambiguity and confusion. It should be crisp and to the point, with the focus of the letter being the statement that has to be conveyed to the employee.

Sample Statement Employment Letter


Joseph Keller

12 Madison County Road

New York

Date: 12th June 2012

Dear Mr. Keller,

This is to inform you that you have been selected for the post of Assistant Secretary to the Head of Finance by our firm. This letter is a statement of your selection and all the details of the job, your salary, your position, responsibilities and duties, work hours, and so on are mentioned overleaf. We hope that this will be a beginning of a fruitful working relationship between us, and that you can combine your professional growth with that of the company to embark on a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship of trust, work, goodwill and sincerity.

You will be required to join your position from the 1st of next month. The incentives, bonuses, packages and allowances that you shall be a beneficiary of have already been intimated to you. This letter will have to be brought at the time of the orientation session. You shall be required to register your name and be on the premises of our headquarters by 10 am. The orientation session for the new recruits is scheduled to begin at 11 am.


Jason Mckellan

Senior Advisor to Head of Finance

JSL Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

New York