Statement Confirmation Letter

A statement confirmation letter is a document which outlines the details of a statement of a particular individual or company and adds comments to it, or approves or disapproves of it. It is a document that chiefly conveys information about the statement itself and is usually a business or a professional letter which must conform to the guidelines of the same.

Sample Statement Confirmation Letter


Joan Kelly

12 Manchester Wood Street


Dated: 12th June 2012

Dear Ms. Kelly

This is to inform you that your personal statement has been received by us and it has been accepted by the Department of English at our university. You are hereby offered our congratulations and best wishes and we hope to see you soon on our campus, taking part in the vibrant and healthy community and academic life in which we take so much pride. You are among the 21 students whose personal statements have been deemed worthy of acceptance by the department and we hope that you will bring your enthusiasm, expertise and sincerity to the department through your subsequent work here.

You will be required to be present at the orientation program on the 12th of September 2012, and register yourself for the program by 9 am at Derozio Hall, University North Campus. Care should be taken to bring all the required documents along with you [please check attached document list]. Registration will be closed by 10 am and it is advisable that you complete the procedure on time. Orientation is one of the most important programs you will be expected to attend as student and this is your first interaction with the student and professorial community among whom you shall spend your time here. We hope to see you and we wish you the very best of luck for your time here.

Thanking you,

Gemma Schwann

Dean of Arts

University of Manchester