Special Education Statement

A special education statement is a document which emphasizes the goals behind a special education system or course. It must be cogently written so that the reasons for the course, its inception and the purpose behind it are clearly highlighted. A special education statement is, thus, a document which outlines the needs for the special education course as well as its benefits in one concise statement.

Sample Special Education Statement

Name of institution offering special education course: MentHope School for Differentially-abled Children.

Year of establishment: 2001

Address: 23 Galloway Street, New York

We cater to: Children with learning disabilities like dyslexia. We also cater to differentially-abled children with physical challenges. We are fully equipped with the facilities needed to make their life easier, and also employ trained professionals to impart education to them and equip them for life.

Our motto:

  • To provide all children with opportunities so that all can compete on a level playing field. Accepting the hurdles that children with disabilities face, we ensure that they are equipped with the best tools in order to face life with their heads held high.
  • To ensure that no child suffers due to lack of proper training and guidance. Every problem has a solution and we at MentHope sincerely believe that we can make a difference to the lives of every child who passes through our corridors.

Our special education statement: This special education statement was prepared in response to a debate initiated in the Education Conference, Chicago in 2010. We state that every child can, and should, possess the basic of education in order to make something of his or her life

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