Social Work Personal Statement

A social work personal statement is a personal statement made by an individual in order to express his interest to do social work. The statement helps the individual to get opportunities to work as a social worker. The details mentioned in the statement include the objective of the individual for doing social work and the kind of social work he wants to pursue.

Sample Social Work Personal Statement

Personal social work statement:

I have always been interested in doing social work since my schooldays as I believe that by doing that I would be able to contribute to the betterment of the society. I believe that I have a good understanding of human needs and can sympathize with people. I am confident that my contribution will benefit a number of individuals. I want to provide personal mental care to individuals with mental stress or mentally disturbed.

I decided to take up this particular cause when I saw my grandmother suffering from Alzheimer. I have witnessed the difficulties that she had faced and have come to realize that such individuals need personal care. There have also been some friends who were addicted to drugs and I have seen how that has affected their life adversely.

I want to provide mental care to the individuals who are victims of drug and alcohol abuse so that they can get rid of these bad habits.

While providing care to my friends, I have gained a lot of experience and I am confident that I can provide similar care to strangers too.