Social Work Mission Statement

A social work mission statement is a document drafted by a group or an organization on a mission to do social work. The statement helps the organization to create awareness about the social work that they are doing. The details mentioned in the statement include the kind of social work being done by the group or organization and the purpose of doing it. There are also other details that can be mentioned that includes achievements made till now in the social work.

Sample Social work mission statement

Organization name:

Literacy and Child Care Organization

Social work mission

There are number of countries in Africa where there is no proper education facility available. The mission of our organization is to build and created educational facilities to children of those under developed countries. We intend to set up schools in such areas and also hire volunteers who will work as teachers. We also intend to supply books and develop an educational program for the schools. In those areas where it would be difficult to set up schools, we will have makeshift classes made of tents.

Objectives of social work:

The main objectives of this social work mission are:

  • To provide education to the children of these African countries
  • To spread literacy so that there is development in these countries

Achievements made till now:

We have been successful in setting schools that provide elementary education to children between the age group of five to fifteen in the remote areas on Somalia. We have ten volunteers who work as teachers.