Small Business Statement

A small business statement is a document which outlines the purposes and goals of a small business. Small businesses are those which are often family held, based on comparatively smaller amounts of initial capital, and generally of a small scale and scope. However, despite being small businesses, they need a well defined vision statement in order to frame their goals, and the paths by which they will achieve those goals. Hence, a small business statement is extremely important.

You can Download the Free Small Business Statement, customize it according to your needs and Print. Small Business Statement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Small Business Statement:

Small Business Statement

Download Small Business Statement

Name of small business enterprise: Smart Papers Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of small business: We deal in specially crafted hand-made paper that is environmentally sustainable, as it is not made from the bark of trees, but from synthetic materials which are non-toxic and recyclable.

Small business owned by: Dave Rogers and Mary Rogers

Year of establishment: 2001

Starting capital: $ 1 million

Purpose of the small business statement:

  • To highlight our goals and how we intend to achieve them.
  • To ensure that we have a reference point to go back to in case of any confusion or dilution of purpose.
  • To present an outline of our business to prospective clients, investors and creditors who may be unsure about the exact nature of this small business.

Main tenets of our small business statement:

  • To aid, in our small way, in the preservation of the green cover of our planet by reducing the use of conventional paper.
  • To improve the quality of synthetic hand-made paper so that it is widely used.
  • To increase the accessibility and reduce cost of recyclable paper in order to attract wider patronage.

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