Short Vision Statement

For a vision statement to be effective, it should be short and crisp but very motivating.  Such well crafted vision statements can be used as an effective leadership tool to motivate employees to achieve better results for the company. The main aim of a vision statement is to think beyond the boundaries and reach for things much further. Even though vision should be realistic, it should not be something that can be accomplished easily; instead you must aim for difficult goals for your company.

It is a misconception that only long vision statements can create an impact, instead shorter version is hard hitting and can create the right impact. While formulating a vision statement, keep in mind a few pointers such as the target group, employees, stake holders and competitors.  Usually a vision statement is revised after 5-6 years; once the goals have been attained.

Long vision statements tend to get boring and do not motivate as they are difficult to remember, instead formulate a short one that has a powerful impact. Some examples of short but impactful vision statements:

Sample Short vision statement 1:

Vision statement of a theme park: Create a place for people to find happiness and knowledge

Sample Short vision statement 2:

Vision statement of a frozen food products company: Frozen food that tastes like mother’s.

Sample Short vision statement 3:

Vision statement of a company dealing in women products: To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women – globally.