Security Research Statement

The security research statement is put forward by a student who wishes to carry out a research on the various fragments of security. The research carried out could be for any type of security. The proposal statement of the research should include all the aspects of the research and an overview of the activities that will be carried out to serve the purpose of successful accomplishment of the research.

It is a mandate point that the statement should also carry the advantages of the research both at social and personal level. The statement should be impressive enough to convince the respective authority to permit the conduction of the research.

Sample Security Research Statement

Name of Student: Maria Nacho

Date of Birth: 28/11/1989

College/University: International Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology

Course Name/Code: 19654

Application Number: K001A

Personal Statement:

I am Marie Nacho a student of hardware network and security want to carry out research in one of the fragment of network and Internet security. With the increasing demand of internet and web applications in almost every fragment of life, the threats to the same have also increased and thus it has also given birth to the various aspects of internet and network security. I want to get deep in the topic to be able to find solutions that work effectively and helps in reducing the level of threats. I want to establish a better security system.

I guarantee you the fact that my efforts will be genuine and will be helpful in attaining fruitful results.  The research will include proper mention of every single thing that will be used in the research. It will also carry reasoning and explanation to each and every point. I am sure that my research work will gift a new advancement to the world of internet and its security. I will be beneficial for me as well, as it will teach me many skills and will be helpful in gaining immense knowledge about the topic.

Thanking you.

Maria Nacho,