Security Deposit Accounting Statement

Security deposit accounting statement is a documented format of the security deposits made against the terms and conditions set up for validation of a deal. It must be formatted by a legal advocate in order to bring out the essence of the matter in its true legal form, the contravention of which would trigger a lawsuit.

You can Download the Free Security Deposit Accounting Statement, customize it according to your needs and Print. Security Deposit Accounting Statement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Security Deposit Accounting Statement

Security Deposit Accounting Statement

Download Security Deposit Accounting Statement

Name of the tenant: Jason Shields

Permanent address: 6, G. K Road, Liverpool

Name of the property: Geneva Apartment

Location of the property: 5, Lilly Junction Road, Brindisi

Following are the details on which the deal between the tenant and the landlord rests, that must be strictly conformed to, in order to maintain harmony throughout the period of tenancy and to avoid undue nuisance after its expiry.

Date of moving in: 6th August, 2011

Date of moving out: 6th December, 2011

Total days of occupancy: 122 days

Detailed Accounting Statement of Refundable Deposits

Deposits made against the following essentials:

  • Keys:                                    $300
  • Furniture:                             $500
  • Electricity services :            $1000
  • Cleaning and pest control:   $3000
  • Security:                              $5000

Total amount of money deposited: $9800

Date of deposit: 4th July, 2011

Due date of refund: 16th December, 2011

The above-mentioned deposits are all paid as security deposit money to the landlord which will be duly returned in cash or credit by the date proposed in the deal. However, it must be noted that a certain amount of money may be subjected to deduction as a compensatory cost of conservation and replacement of damaged articles.

Signature of tenant:  _____________________________

Signature of landlord:  ____________________________

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