Scope Statements

The scope statements discuss the objectives of the projects or assignments in a brief explanatory structure. The statements also attempt to discuss about the varieties of deliverables via those respective projects and their main features. An important point to be taken into consideration at the time of preparing a scope statement is that it should always reflect the parameters and elements that are tangible i.e. measurable or distinctly quantifiable.

The few of the many points in regards to the ingredients of the scope statements are mentioned as following:-

  • Name of the project – The full name of the project that is legally registered on the government files must be included in the scope statement.
  • The charter of the project – It is very essential during the preparation of a scope statement to mention the main guidelines to be followed in executing the project.
  • The name of the owner and the financers – The proprietor of the project and the relevant sponsors’ names must be mentioned in the scope statement. Those who have stakes on the company should be taken into account.
  • The exact problem statement – It is the concise description of the issues to be solved via the execution of the project that the scope statement must reflect at any cost.
  • The objectives – This is crucial section while writing the scope statement. No project takes a proper shape without a clear idea about the focus areas of it. The scope statement must mention the goals of the project.
  • The requirements – The policymakers and the administrators should stress on mentioning the requirements and other related ingredients to develop the complete the project successfully.
  • The deliverables – After the completion of the project, what it is going to deliver for the cause of a greater benefit must be described via the scope statement.

The cost estimates – The total costs incurred in developing and fully executing the project.

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